Internet of Things (IoT) Product Prototyping

If you have an idea for a product, whether you call it IoT, connected devices or remote monitoring, Think Engineer can develop a fully functioning product prototype to meet your business need. We can work with you to create a complete demonstration system by designing and developing custom hardware with novel sensors, suitable radio technologies, intelligent software, usable web applications
and advanced analytics.

We can help you understand the technical requirements of your idea, and all of the different elements of the system and the final product that you will need, and how this might impact your business, and the iteratively develop and refine your product prototype.

We can create you a one of demonstration piece, a batch of products for user trials, or whatever you need to meet your next business objective.

Typical IoT prototyping projects consisting of custom system design, technology de-risking, PCB development, firmware development, web application development and machine learning / data analytics takes…

4-12 months

And costs…

£10K – £50K

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Think Engineer love machine learning and AI, and are always happy to help you understand how existing machine learning techniques can be applied to your data to provide value to your business.

Whether you are interested in detecting behaviors in people or animals, predict failures in critical infrastructure, detecting anomalies or recognizing images, we can help you explore how neural networks, genetic algorithms, classifiers and predictive analytics can benefit your business.

Pricing is based on our rate of…

£500 per day

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