We recently announced our summer development project with UTC Reading (didn't see that? It's here) Well, there's more...

The UTC Reading students have decided they would like to run a hackathon and the UTC is going to support it. We were asked to be involved and we were happy to help, but what could we do for them?

They asked us to provide a presence at the event for technical help and advice. Easy, we can do that, we rather like hackathons and we'd be delighted to help, what else?  They'd like to use our cap-hat. A hat accessory we developed for Raspberry Pi/SOCs. It's a capacitive touch pad for entering digits 0-9...


cap hat


Of course, we said. We'll bring all we have along. 

How exciting is that? Around 100 people in 20 odd teams developing projects using our cap-hat. We're really look forward to seeing what they come up with.

What would you do with the cap-hat? Comments below! 

If you'd like to try one out for yourself, there's a competition here where you can win one for yourself, and a Raspberry Pi to go with it.