This is a multi-page article....


Deploying a multi-container application can be a confusing and daunting task, especially when considering the multitude of technologies and tools targeting this issue. Quite frankly it's not even a separate post, it's a separate series of posts. We're going to use Git to ensure that the application on our VPS is up-to-date. I've got the demo code in a repository, feel free to clone this to your VPS and change the appropriate directory/domain names to suit.

Once you have the correct code and you're in the application's root directory, we have two final commands:

docker-compose build 
docker-compose up

Build will, as the name suggests, build the application. Up will run it. Once running you can close the SSH connection. If you want to do other stuff whilst connected, simply append the -d flag to the docker-compose up command to run the containers in detached mode (in the background).